Godiva and The history of Chocolate

Godiva and The history of Chocolate

Godiva - The History of Chocolate

No matter the age, sex or country. All agree that chocolate is one of the best things that exist. Over the years many brands entered the market, but the tradition and quality are major difference from the best brands.

Historically, it was Christopher Columbus who discovered cocoa to Europe, in his fourth trip to this continent, circa 1502. It would have brought cocoa beans to King Ferdinand II, the seeds were almost unnoticed amid all the other riches that he brought.

In 1519, Hernando Cortez discovered cocoa during their conquests in Mexico, but the Spaniards did not appreciate the drink, finding it cold, greasy bitter. But they soon realized the value of seed as a reference value, being sometimes used as currency. The Spanish crown began cocoa plantations in Mexico where the “currency”would be cultivated.

In 1528, Cortez brought cacao back to Spain to the tools needed for its preparation. Over time, the Spaniards began to add sugar to other sweeteners to drink, making it less bitter more palatable.

We can see that to get to quality chocolate that Godiva is a long road already traveled.

In the next article, we address the specific history of the company and its delicious Godiva chocolate.

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